Leap Frog Creatr “Lubrication Egg” for printing PLA

One of the most bugging problems of the Creatr is that the printing head is just about too weak to print PLA out-of-the-box. Interestingly, adding a tiny bit of WD40 lubricant solves the problem. The most common solution was to use a Kinder chocolate egg filled with a sponge soaked in WD40 attached right above the printing head. Suffices to say that an object that big is not really what you would like to move around with the head. I also didn’t like the alternative of putting the egg before the filament guide, because I don’t want the WD40 in there. So I designed a small clip-on solution to the problem. Just print it with ABS, crumple up some sponge or paper towel (toilet paper will do as well) and fiddle it into the clip, soak the paper with wd40 (doesn’t require too much) and clip it onto the printing head (careful, it is quite snug at the beginning, it best works by hanging in the first clip first and then rotating it around it.). Now it prints PLA as if there never has been a problem.

Lubricator attached!

STL, SCAD and SolidPython file: lubricator

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