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UPDATE: 4.8.2014 – Skype decided that having a Desktop API isn’t good for their customer experience anymore. Hence this plugin will no longer work, I’m sorry.


If you are using OSX and don’t know Alfred, you are definitely missing out. This is by far the most useful tool and the main reason, I currently favour OSX over Windows and Linux. If you have the PowerPack Alfred allows for custom plugins and that’s where all the fun begins. My first plugin gives you the ability to Skype from within Alfred.

Skype needs to be running for this to work. You should receive a warning from skype, that a programm wants to access its data – accept.

s – autocompletion from skype contact list, then send message. Also displays last received message.
sc – autocompletion from skype contact list, call users.
snew – the 5 newest messages, simply select one for reply.
sr – reply to last user.

There is a Contact Action for using the alfred contacts to call skype, simply create a new Contact Action as described here http://support.alfre…-contact-action and select “Call Skype”, if you have saved skype usernames in your contacts as well, they should work too.


Alfred, Skype, Python (preinstalled in OSX)


Known Issues:

  1. When you hit enter too fast, a few letters can be cut off. I have optimised what is possible to remedy this, to completely remove it, a feature change in Alfred is necessary. Simple fix, add a space after your message.
  2. does not work with group conversations
  3. < > ” don’t work.

Wishlist/TODO: (decreasing importance)

  1. Filter empty Messages. (i.e. if they contained call information that is filtered already)
  2. Find user image
  3. sr without autcomplete
  4. Display status for the users with icon (maybe, if you know a good way to compose images without using libraries that need installation let me know…)
  5. More sanity checks: Was update successful, if it fails, why? etc.
  6. Clean XML replies from Smilies code etc.
  7. sr – directly reply to last person. 
  8. alt opens the chat window. (can’t switch current window, but bring skype to front)
  9. Call skype # from adress book.


v0.3 (

  • sr now directly replies, without autocomplete
  • fetches all user images completely
  • shows user status on search, snew, etc.
  • buxfixes for encoding, snew, …
  • more caching, faster response.

v0.2 (

  • Display the history of a chat when replying.
  • New Command sr, to directly reply to a user.
  • If you use sc with an unknown username or directly a phone number, it suggests calling as well as updating the friends list. (must have accidentially removed this, will be back.)
  • Encoding works properly v2 ;)
  • Open Skype with alt/enter.

v0.1.1 (

  • Skype startup bug removed
  • More debugging
  • Encoding works properly
  • snew for newest messages
  • Contact Action to allow calling from contacts.


  • Initial release

CC BY-SA 3.0
Any feedback or bug reports are highly appreciated!

One Thought on “Skype for Alfred

  1. This is awesome!

    However, when I use the script, I’m getting an error message as a notification as seen here:

    The actual message goes through, so not sure what could be causing this error. Any idea?

    Thank you for building such an awesome workflow.


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