Another great tool from my current home town: Wunderlist. While you will find many good reviews and intros in the web, it missed an Alfred extension to be really useful. Therefore, I created one.

Disclaimer: It is still a bit raw, and I might not find time to improve on it soon.


To use it you need to edit the file wunderfred.py in the workflow, there is a line that you need to edit your login credentials to:

       w = Wunderlist("email","password") #<<< Add login credentials here!

It has 3 commands.


wlup – updates the cached list (takes a while)

wl – lists the tasks filtered by whatever you type after the keyword. If you select a task and hit enter, it will be marked completed.

wla – adds a new task to the list you select by searching. whatever is after the : will be written to the task



CC BY-SA 3.0
Any feedback or bug reports are highly appreciated!

Credits: Based on the reverse engineering and code done by bsmt: http://bsmt.me/blog/…wunderlist-api/

One Thought on “Wunderfred

  1. Hi there,

    I was trying out your workflow, but I couldn’t get “wla” to take any arguments. When “wla” is typed with an argument, it automatically goes into search mode and opens a web browser to search the argument that comes after “wla”.

    Any ideas?


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